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The AUT Pacific Health Research Centre brings together research that advances understanding of public health issues that can improve access to healthcare and promote positive health and wellbeing among Pacific peoples in New Zealand.

El-Shadan Tautolo

Associate Professor El-Shadan Tautolo is the Director of the Pacific Health Research Centre. As Lead Research Investigator for the PIF Study, he provides Pacific academic oversight, strategic thinking, and stakeholder engagement. A senior Pacific academic in the Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences, he is involved in collaborative work across AUT.

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Leon Iusitini
Senior Research Officer

Leon Iusitini is a Senior Research Officer with the Pacific Health Research Centre. His involvement in the research process covers grant writing, project management and publishing academic outputs. Leon has research interests in health and epidemiology, political science, economics, and sociology, with an emphasis on Pacific peoples in New Zealand.

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Loïc Le Dé
Affiliate Member

Loic is a Senior Lecturer at AUT where he leads the Master of Disaster Risk Management and Development. His research interests include Disaster Risk Reduction, resilience and sustainable development. Loic’s interest in the Pacific Islands reflects the fact it is one of the world's most disaster-prone regions.

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Radilaite Cammock
Affiliate Member

Dr Radilaite Cammock is a lecturer in the School of Public Health and Interdisciplinary Studies, and programme leader for AUT's Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Master of Public Health. Her research interests lie in Pacific health and more specifically, NCDs, sexual and reproductive health, youth empowerment and Pacific research design and methodology.

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Jean M Allen
Affiliate Member

Jean M Allen is a lecturer in the School of Public Health and Interdisciplinary Studies and is programme leader for the BHSc in Public and Environmental Health. She is a trained New Zealand registered teacher and her research interests include South Auckland, youth, health education, media representation, gender, sexuality, identity, and relational spaces (vā).

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